“Life revolves around money...”. “Everyone for themselves...”. “There is no equality amoung people...”.

“Everything is split up in different categories and commercialism made many party's look the same...”.
These are frequently spoken words among the house scene nowadays.
Where can you find a place where you can really feel what House music is? Where it all started?
Where you can find equality amoung people, respect and tolerance? So many questions and just one answer: Chakra.

11 years ago Chakraparty wanted to go back do that feeling, where House music was new and exciting and people fully engrossed in a trance together, like one big family.
Or before that, Flower Power. Where young and old showed the world that love and peace was the answer.
It should be like that again, but it had to suit this time. Because if we are living in the past, that means stagnation and the world doesn’t need that.
It seems they weren’t alone with their thought. Out of every corner, every hole kindred spirit arose.
The Chakrafamily was born.

In September 2005 Chakra opened her doors for the first time with a special concept, their own sound, a stubborn look and a surprising team of DJ’s.
With names that you’ve never seen together on flyers.
People didn’t know in which category this fitted and that was Chakra’s exact intention.

Chakra wanted an open mind from her visitor. Thinking behind the lines, minds open for different styles of music.
But they also wanted you to experience spirituality.
Not only awake for the whole night, but to also be able to chill out in the afternoon.
It doesn’t matter if you’re 21 years old and want to party all night, or if you're at age 60 and want to enjoy the feeling of being one big family.
You can and you may at Chakra.



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